Masaba Gupta feels beauty is a different kind of burden


Popular designer Masaba Gupta, the daughter of veteran actress Neena Gupta and former West Indies batsman Vivian Richards, belives that she has come to realise that beauty is a different kind of burden, which keeps changing with age.

Masaba runs the fashion label House of Masaba

On Friday, she took to her social media account and shared a picture sporting a black leotard. "I have come to realise that beauty is a different kind of burden as you keep growing. When I was younger, it was more of a longing to be conventional and check all the boxes/fit-in kind of a burden," she wrote.

"Now,that I am almost 30... It is more an unapologetic, rebellious kind of a burden. Either way, this whole damn idea of beauty is a burden," she added alongside the image.

The designer said the photograph was taken on a mobile phone and was "completely unedited".

"Which is important in the age of severe retouching. It is fully dedicated to my trainer Vilayat Husain - thank you for making me somewhat strong, again. I strive to be the strongest person you have trained, ever. Both mentally and physically," she added.

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