Melania Trump miffed over Donald’s Disparaging Marriage Joke on Leaving him


Oh dear, Melania Trump. The Trump couple are in news again. Dive into the juicy details about how the first lady has been dissed by hubby Donald. Are you wondering about the reason? US president Donald Trump made a disparaging joke about the sweet Melania leaving him. 

President Donald Joked about Melania deserting him.

Nobody likes to be mocked at publicly. We feel for our first lady. It seems as if she was never as miserable with husband since his President journey began.  People were already trolling the powerful duo at different occasions. Now, things have got worse. Donald is publicly joking about his dear wife leaving him. Perhaps, he knows our first lady would never do that because no first lady has deserted a sitting Commander-in-Chief. That’s why it hurt even more to witness such mockery of her devotion simply because she’s nearly constrained under the White House. “Melania is used to Donald’s humor by now, and usually she pays no attention to it, but she really wasn’t happy to be part of one of his jokes,” a White House insider revealed.

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“Melania is, by nature, an incredibly private person, so it’s hard enough for her to be thrust into the spotlight and carry out the duties of First Lady—but, she does so because it’s part and parcel of being with Donald. However, making her the subject of a joke, in front of a large crowd of people, is out of line, and disrespectful. As usual though, Melania will likely just grin and bear it, because she knows only too well that there’s no point in confronting Donald over hurt feelings—and even if she did, there’s no way she will ever win an argument with Donald, because that’s just not the way their relationship works,” a source revealed.

Notwithstanding his power, Melania has expressed her derision for husband Donald in a brilliant passive aggressive manner through her refusal of holding his hand. 

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