Mena Suvari turned her meals and life totally 'vegan'


Actress Mena Suvari’s preferences have changed. She has become a vegan and opts for cruelty-free fashion and accessories.

Going cruelty-free has made Suvari feel better.

The beautiful actress quips that veganism has not only saved her money but also helps her feel good after quitting animal-based products and meals from her life.mena suvari

Suvari says, "I've been vegan for almost 10 months now and I went completely cruelty-free in my life even with my beauty products and my whole wardrobe." 

"I feel really good making the personal changes that I did and I've always loved fashion, so I wanted to make it a point, for whatever it's worth, and show people that you can have fun with sustainable fashion and that it's possible," she adds further.

Veganism has brought a massive change in the ‘American Pie' superstar who now opts for sustainable fashion accessories and products instead of blindly buying ‘everything fashionable’. She doesn’t even long for designer bags and clothes. 

Talking about going eco-friendly, she shares, "Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is what's important to me. I don't care what the most expensive item is or that whole dynamic of someone thinking that they have to buy something to be equal. Why am I carrying this dead animal on my arm? It doesn't feel good'.

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