Must not patronize Hollywood movies: Big B


Veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan is all set for his upcoming Bollywood movie, 102 Not Out which also has Rishi Kapoor in the main lead. The actor is completely occupied with the promotional events of this movie.

You better get your house in order because India is the new frontier and Americans are coming

During a press conference, Amitabh shared that Hollywood films has been destroying local film industry and also, we should not patronize Hollywood movies when they release. We live in a world where everyone is exposed to everything that is coming from all the corners of the world.Amitabh Bachchan

Talking about Hollywood's effect on local film industry, Big B said "This I was told in 1993 when I was on a casual visit to New York and I met some studios who were wanting to meet me and they told me, ‘You better get your house in order because India is the new frontier and Americans are coming.’ And everywhere Hollywood has gone, it has destroyed the local industry whether it’s England, Italy or Germany, they just come and take over. They have the money and the expertise. They have the quality and quantity. We are fighting against them."

Amitabh said that we (Indians) might be emotionally stronger but technologically when compared with the west. He was quoted as, "So, whenever their films come out, please don’t patronize them because we are fighting against an ogre of Hollywood from overtaking us and destroying our industry. I spent some time with these young filmmakers and they think so big and massive. They don’t have any doubts about how to do things. They tell me, ‘We will do this and that,’ and I ask them, ‘But how will you manage?’. They assure me they know how to do it."

On the related note, Amitabh was last seen in Deepika and Irrfan Khan starrer Piku

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