Nawab of Pataudi is under pressure for airport looks


The Nawab of Pataudi and Bollywood Saif Ali Khan does not believe in having an airport look, but apparently he's under immense pressure to come up with one.

Saif will be next seen in Chef.

Saif had an interactive session with the media about fashion and things associated with the airport look during and episode of Yaar Mera Superstar Season 2. The episode will be telecasted on Saturday on Zoom channel.


Saif admitted that he's very lazy when it comes to some activity, he said: "Dress up, sometimes... If it's winter, I love dressing up. But if it's hot, I'm lazy to dress up. I'm also lazy to wake up, generally. I mean I like sleeping. I can give it 12 hours. I can do a 10 to 10. But that is very rare. That's when I'm catching up on my sleep. Like if I haven't slept a lot and then one day I can do it like a 12-hour, otherwise 7 hours I sleep... We should live in a society that looks within and not what you're wearing and all.”


"Everyone shoots you and puts it up and then someone makes a fashion comment. Airport look! If I ever get an airport look, just come and slap me. I don't have an airport look but I'm under pressure to have." He added.


Has the Nawab come up with an airport look for himself yet?


"No. Never. My airport look is like a non-look," said the actor, whose wife KareenaKapoor Khan is considered a fashion icon.

On the work front, Saif is busy with the promotions of his forthcoming entertainer Chef. Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, it's an Indian adaptation of the 2014 American film of the same name by Jon Favreau and is slated for release on Friday. 

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