OMG! Sylvester Stallone Death Rumours are Viral


Our most loved Rocky superstar suffered a massive hoax online.  Sylvester Stallone was considered dead by a few online twitterati. It came as a shock to everyone. What happens when you hear the sad demise of your favourite actor?  Hollywood would be incomplete without him. 

Rumours stated that 71 year old Stallone died of Prostate Cancer.

While expressing lots of admiration and respect for the veteran actor, people went on to spread death hoax about the Rambo legend.  Relax fans. He’s very much alive and kicking. Alas, it’s unfortunate to hear such misleading news about Hollywood veterans, in fact anyone, I would say. 

sylvester stallone

Raking out a similar story in September 2016, a fictitious news story reported by CNN resurfaced  on the same social media site saying that Sylvester Stallone had been found dead in his Los Angeles home. Later, it was discovered to be a celebrity hoax. 

Here’s a big hug and string of appreciation for the ardent fans of Sylvester who knew all along that it was a hoax and a drama by nincompoops because with their good wishes attached, our Rocky star will be pink and plump. 

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