Paris Hilton wishes to get married in multiple locations


Socialite Paris Hilton  and beau-actor Chris Zylka are planning to get married a number of times in different places. "I feel like I want to do a couple (of weddings)... For my 21st birthday, I had five parties, so maybe for the wedding I will have a European one, an American one, one for everyone around the world," Hilton told Extra magazine.

The couple got engaged last week 

Zylka added: "We are going to have dinner with her parents and figure everything out."

Paris Hilton

Hilton also said she can't wait to start a family with the 32-year-old actor, as per the reports.

"I have my whole life planned out, and I can't wait to start a family and start the next chapter of my life," she said.

The "Stars Are Blind" singer has never felt so "protected" as she does with Zylka, who is "everything" to her.

The "Secret Circle" actor is just as smitten with his new fiancee.

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