PlayStation game ‘Fear Effect’ getting remake after 17 years

Fear Effect, the classic PlayStation game from 2000, is getting its remake titled Fear Effect Reinvented that will land next year.
The title is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.
Square Enix Collective - the division at the publisher devoted to indie game development - has announced a remake of the 2000 PS1 game Fear Effect, reports In a statement, Phil Elliott, director of indie development at Square Enix London said, “Originally we wanted to see if opening up our back catalogue of Western IP could help indie developers to make a name for themselves, considering how tough it can be to make a splash with original IP.” He continued, “We've seen a good response to this new game - albeit presented in a different style to make it more appropriate for the budgets available at indie level.” And so when the Sushee team suggested revisiting the original game, they felt it was a good idea. “Especially when you consider that as an original PlayStation exclusive, anybody wanting to sample it now would have a tough time,” Elliot added. Fear Effect is composed of four discs and features also puzzles interspersed between action sequences, similar to other games of the survival horror genre. The player controls one of three mercenaries—Hana, Deke, or Glas, through areas filled with human and non-human enemies. Another feature is the ability to duck and roll. While facing a number of the armed foes, the player can roll a short distance and avoid taking enemy fire.
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