Posh Beckham Launches a new scientific Skincare Line


Popular singer-turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham is about to launch a brand new skincare line after enjoying the success of her previous make-up collection in collaboration with a beauty brand in the year 2016.

Posh is designing the new skincare range along with the team.

The beautiful fashion icon had gone live on Facebook to announce the expansion of her beauty and fashion empire by venturing into skincare products. She is seriously participating in the designing and concepts of her new skin care range products to ensure positive results for future generations. 


She said: "I am currently in the process of creating my own colour, my own line of skin-care creams, and a perfume."

"It's going to be very scientific. I'm working with the best. I really want to learn. I want to educate myself and learn as much as I can. As a woman, I want to make the things that I need in my life, the things that are missing," she added.

Victoria has collaborated with global beauty brand Estee Lauder in 2016 to make a capsule make-up collection which is somewhat inspired by the products Victoria would desire in her own make-up bag that sold like hot cakes.

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