Ram Rahim named 'Neil Nitin Mukesh'?


Controversial Indian saint Ram Rahim aka MSG recently revealed in video that he has named Neil Nitin Mukesh and pointed in Neil Nitin Mukesh’s general direction and criedYou are my lovecharger!”

Naam hi nahi, acting bhi hamne hi sikhai hai
Ram Rahim who is sentenced a jail term of 20 years after he was found guilty in a rape case, has now been moved to Rohtak jail. And even in jail, the ‘Messenger of God’ doesn’t seem to change. “Wo manega nahi, par hamne hi naam rakha hai!” cried MSG from behind the bars. “Naam hi nahi, acting bhi hamne hi sikhai hai… Itna acchi acting aur koi sikha sakta hai kyaa!”, he added. Watch this surprising video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owoH3dJ3p8I The ‘MSG’ actor was witnessed yelling in the jail premises.

Sources claim that Ram Rahim has been isolated in a sound proof chamber, keeping in mind the safety of jail staff and security personnel by Jail authorities.  “The possibilities are pretty high. Who is his right mind would name someone Neil Nitin Mukesh Chandra Mathur, unless the person himself has a similar name? Not just that, their acting styles seem to be very similar, which would further substantiate Insan’s claim. From what I can deduce, there are fair chances that Ram Rahim has strong ties with the Nitin Mukesh Chandra Mathur family,” shared renowned analyst Abhi Baskar. “You know, when you have something that is so unique and so desired, people try to take it away from you. I just can’t understand why somebody would claim to have done something which they never did. People know that they would never get a chance to do that, simply because they aren’t worth it. How hard is it to understand that giving such statements won’t give you any publicity? You just come out as a fool!” said Neil, while clearing his name from this controversy.  

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