Sacred Games star Nawazuddin gets chatty about Anil Sharma directorial Genius!


Bollywood’s most talented actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui began the journey of his acting career with Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur and since then he has never looked back. Busy with the release of his recent movie, Anil Sharma directorial Genius, Nawaz has gathered tons of critical appreciation with his dedication and acting skills.

Siddiqui starrer Manto will hit the theatres on 21st of September, this year

Kick actor is currently neck-deep in film assignments and is winning hearts with his performance in Netfilx India Original series Sacred Games. In a recent interview, Nawaz got chatty about his current release Genius, Sacred Games and other projects.

Talking about what makes him work in the Anil Sharma directorial, Nawaz said: “The only reason I did this film was because he (Anil Sharma) has managed to keep the performances in the film very real, and at the same time has also given a stylised treatment to the film. I wanted to experience this treatment and that’s why said yes to the film.”

Soon after working with Netflix’s first Indian series Sacred Games, Nawazuddin became a globally renowned figure of the Indian entertainment industry. Talking about whether he considers SG a game changer or not, he said: “The day Sacred Games released in India, I had to travel to Rome. I was clueless about the response it had generated in India and was only told that people had liked it and nothing beyond it. It was only later I realised that it had turned out to be a big hit and audiences’ world over have liked it.”

Siddiqui added, “In future, similar content will spring out and will try and compete with Sacred Games but it would be a futile comparison. To be honest, even the makers had no clue that it will become such a huge success. There comes a time when few people get together and come out with a masterpiece. It just happened and even if the same team were to emulate this again, chances are they might falter.”

Talking about his professional relationship with Kashayp, Nawaz said: “I have never seen Anurag from a professional point of view. Anurag means a lot to me in my life. To me he is someone who is beyond this profession. The affection has been there much before we started working together and I am hopeful that it will continue for the rest of my life. Many people tried their best to create rift between the two of us but we never gave them space.”

On a related note, Nawaz will start shooting for the second season of Sacred Games next year and is currently awaiting the release of Nandita Das directorial Manto which will be released on 21st September 2018.

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