Sean Paul to visit India again


Are you ready for a next level concert? Jamaican dance-hall rapper-singer Sean Paul, who performed in India in 2012, is looking forward to his gigs in the country next year.

He is expected to perform in Mumbai and Delhi in 2018

"I am very excited. I have been here before but this time, I am more excited as I love India a lot and its culture," Paul said in a statement.

Sean Paul

Sean Paul shot to fame with Gimme the light,  the first single from his 2002 album, Dutty Rock, which peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"I am going to perform on my all-time favorite songs like 'Temperature' and all. A big thank you to my organisers (Bobby Bajaj) who are making this concert happen in India," he said.

The Grammy winner has given hits like Temperature, Get Busy and Give it up to me.

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