Selena Gomez gets an outrageous hair job


Selena  Gomez is mighty popular for makeovers in the past few years. This time the crooner has gone a step ahead. She has got a fabulous hair job done. Curious to know more?

Selena’s buzzed head is surprising.

Well, Selena had been spotted with blonde bangs and bob in the last eight months. This recent change has taken everyone by surprise.selena gomez 

Just when you think, you’ve seen it all, she bounces back to surprise you. Now, Selena Gomez has shaved her head. No, this is not a joke. In a latest Instagram post, the ‘Same Old Love’ star unveiled her long braided pony with the lower half of her buzzed in a triangular shape. 

Such a move is bold enough to surprise anyone, if not alarm. Let’s just hope she does everything possible to stay cool in the warm climate months. 

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