Selena Gomez says being positive is all that matters!


Disney star Selena Gomez says it is inevitable for her to de-stress her life after a busy past year. She further mentioned that being positive is all that matters, for now.

In general, I think it's important just to remain positive

At the premiere of Selena's upcoming movie Hotel Transylvania 3, she said "In general, I think it's important just to remain positive. I'm at that age where I think that's what matters, is making sure I'm healthy, and people are happy that I love."

In an earlier interview, Gomez mentioned that she has "stepped back a bit" from the showbiz after her kidney transplant.

25-year-old singer says that she back to focusing on work. When a reporter asked if she had any plans lined up for her 26th birthday, she said "I might be working on my birthday".

On the work related note, Gomez serves as an executive producer for the series adaptation of the novel Thirteen Reasons Why

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