Showbiz pays on basis of stardom, not gender: Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan, who is gearing up for his upcoming Diwali release 'Secret Superstar', has just commented on the pay difference of the actors in the industry. The man proudly stated that the stars are paid on the basis of their stardom, rather than based on their gender.

Aamir Khan, along with actor Zaira Wasim, will warm your hearts with Secret Superstar this Diwali.

For the press conference of the movie, Aamir was put under the sword when he was asked a million questions. On of them being if he was paid a smaller amount that his younger co-star Zaira Wasim. He answered, "I probably wouldn't have a smaller paycheck (than Zaira Wasim) because I don't take money upfront."

He further said, "In films, there are two levels of payments that we have. One is for the work that you are doing. What I am doing is equal to any other actor. They all should be paid the same amount. Similarly, I feel technicians should be paid equal to actors."

Aamir Khan has already made huge success with his film Dangal not just in India, but across the seas as well. This surely shows how popular the man is all over the world. He also said, "The other aspect is that there are just two or three people in the team (of a film) who can pull people in the theatres. The others can't do the same. That's what we describe as stardom."

Directed by Advait Chandan, "Secret Superstar" is slated to release on October 19.

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