Spiritual Guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's conversation with actress Kangana Ranaut is a complete eye-opener!


Known for her careless and straight-forward attitude, diva Kangana Ranaut is one controversial actress. Queen star Kangana recently got an opportunity to interact with spiritual guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and everything that followed turned out to be wonderful.

Kangana Ranaut will be next seen in Manikarnika

This time, Kangana was not the interviewee but the interviewer and she took the microphone for asking suitable yet witty questions from the spiritual guru. During the epic interview, Kangana and Sadhguru exchanged numerous insightful anecdotes for enlightening the masses.

While talking to the witty guru, Kangana shared an incident from her recent London trip where she revealed how her friends were appreciating the beauty of the British city of London and "cursing" India by calling it a "a piece of garbage" which broke Kangana's heart.

To the incident shared by Kangana, Sadhguru replied: "The city that you're appreciating of its infrastructure and its wealth and well-being, for two centuries was largely built on stolen money from this country" And the audience couldn't control their outburst and start clapping.

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Besides the glamorous actress the audience too got a chance to interact with the spiritual guru where the guru was asked about breaking away from a negative pattern and attract a positive pattern in life. Sadhguru replied in a witty tone: "When we say we have patterns, there is a cyclical, largely because of a very strong attachment and involvement with physical process and physical process has to be cyclical, only then we exist. Without cyclical movement there'll be no physical existence."

The actress and Sadhguru talked about a lot of social issues including that of the safety of cows. On a related note, actress Kangana Ranaut will be next seen in Manikarnika.

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