Stella McCartney’s valuable advice to promising designers


Gear up aspiring fashion designers for the most precious and free advice given by a prestigious maverick to lead you toward success. It's none other than ace Fashion designer Stella McCartney who has something really important to tell aspiring designers to make it big in the fashion fraternity. 

“Not many people have an original style of their own.” quips McCartney. 

Stella McCartney is here to give a valuable advice to budding couturiers that they need to be “honest” with themselves to get a lucky break in the fashion industry. Alright, that’s some good advice. Let’s delve deeper into the situation.

The 46-year-old couturier has cut the brand Kering's 50% share from her fashion empire so as to venture into an independent business. She says aspirants should be “passionate” and honest about their work when they launch a label or collection. 

She says, "Find what drives you, what you are passionate about, and be honest with yourself," McCartney told Vogue magazine. She pushes budding designers to be unique and unconventional in their approach and stick to their beliefs to crack success in the long run. 

"If you are lucky enough to break into the industry, try and enjoy it, but also try and do something different. I think the world is looking for a point of difference. There aren't enough people in fashion approaching it in a different way", added the charming fashion designer. Wow! You asked for an advice and you got it from a fashion scion. 

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