Subhash Ghai re-premieres his classic film, Hero


Flimmaker Subhash Ghai, who gave the Hindi cinema a gem by introducing Jackie Shroff in 1983 with Hero, says it was a very important film for him. He re-premiered the movie, featuring Jackie and Meenakshi Seshadri in Mumbai on Sunday. 

Hero has recently completed 35 years.

"My movie, Hero,  was an important film for me, which gave birth to a lot of stars and technicians. This movie also gave birth to me and (my banner) Mukta Arts," Ghai said.

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But why did he choose to screen the film after 35 years, Subhash said, ""The movie ran for 75 weeks on the big screen, but what made me happy was that it ran for 35 years on the small screen (television). My film has been running for 35 long years." 

"I think the team behind the film was talented, spirited and honest. Whether it was Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Anand Bakshi, Jackie Shroff or Meenakshi Seshadri, it shows that a film can live up to 35 to 50 years. I wanted the young generation to witness old classics on the big screen. They watch it on the small screen, but I want them to have the big screen experience. That's why I have screened this movie here and started this mission to showcase one classic movie every week." 

Moreover, he spoke greatly about Jackie Shroff, he pointed out how Jackie was not just a newcomer at the time, but a non-actor too. Still he went ahead and did wonders in the industry. 

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