Switching genre has always worked for me, says Ajay Devgn on Raid


Ajay Devgn is one of the most refined actor in today's time. He's done romance, action and thriller, which has always worked for him. This time, he is set to give us a game-changer movie, Raid. In the movie, we will be Ajay portraying the role of a no nonsense Income Tax Officer. Exciting, right? 

The film is slated to release on April 16, 2018

Based on a true incident that happened in Lucknow in the early 80s, this movie is exactly what every Devgn fan needed. Ajay believes that even though the story is about 30 years old, it stays relevant even today. “If it’s a corrupt society, we show corruption in films. You pick any decade and see what sort of films were made in those decades. If you were to analyse you will discover that the films were exactly what the society was at point of time. Most of the films in '70s and '80s showed corrupt ministers and then in '90s most of the film tackled the subject of the underworld,” admits the actor.

Ajay is one of the few actors from the industry who never had to struggle for a hit film. Barring once or twice there has not been a year when he has not delivered a hit film. A spate of two or three flop films has always been followed by a hit. Guess Ajay has devised his own formula of delivering hits. “I always like switching my genre. I like to do different things otherwise I would get bored. I did Golmaal and then I did Raid. After this there is a romcom and then there is Total Dhamaal. I am lucky that I have tried most of the genres and most of them have worked.”

Ajay’s next production is a period film and is based on the life of Taanaji Malusare who was a military leader in Chhatrapati Shivaji’s army. The controversies that erupted in wake of Padmaavat’s release and during the Rajasthan shooting schedule of Manikarnika, surely left a bad taste in filmmakers. So is he taking any precautions with his film? “My film is very straight and clean and its following history. If anybody has an issue, I know how to sort it out. I will just sit across the table and will sort it out. I am not worried about anything as there is nothing controversial in my film.”

Well we hope nothing than the best for you, Ajay!

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