Taimur Ali Khan's first words will make you awestruck


Okay ladies and gentleman, we have some great news for all you. Taimur Ali Khan is India's most adorable child, and his doting dad Saif Ali Khan has revealed how Taimur started speaking his first few words. Now isn't that a good day?

Taimur was born on December 20, 2016

In an exclusive interview, Saif revealed some of the words that Taimur has picked up. “He has learnt a few new words. He calls me ‘abba’ and has now started to say ‘baby’ and ‘gum’. Whenever he sees a chewing gum, he would just scream ‘gum’. He likes to watch the moon, so I sit with him in my office and show him the moon," Saif said.

Just recently, even Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke about Saif's special bond with Taimur and how he is the best father and husband. “I’ve been lucky [and] give utmost credit to Saif (Saif Ali Khan — her husband, actor). The first thing after childbirth that you want to do is put the child on the mother’s breast. After childbirth I was tired, but that was on my mind. With my eyes half shut, I asked Saif to give Taimur that kangaroo love. When the mother is recuperating from childbirth, the father must step in. A shout out to those fathers whose support is important for a newborn’s health,” she said.

But she also clarified that Taimur loves spending time with her mother too, she said, “I think his mother spoils him because I’m always giving him the warmth. His father is teaching him to play cricket. So there are things that we both try to balance. When I’m doing a film, Saif tries to be around and vice versa.”

On a related note, Taimur and Kareena Kapoor Khan were recently seen spending some time together, as she's finished with her work commitments. Saif Ali Khan, on the other hand, will be seen in Netflix’s first Indian original, Sacred Games.

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