"Tanushree Dutta is a lesbian, she touched my private parts and raped me," says Rakhi Sawant!


Earlier this week Tanushree Dutta, the flag bearer of the Me Too movement in India, filed a defamation case worth Rs. 10 crores against Bollywood dancer Rakhi Sawant. Going by her image, we knew Rakhi would hit back in full swing but we wait till you hear what she has to say.

Rakhi Sawant, who stands by her reputation of being outspoken in the most senseless ways, has stated that Tanushree Dutta is a lesbian and has raped Rakhi on several occasions.

Recalling an incident that took place about a decade ago, Rakhi alleged that Tanushree touched her private parts and if that wasn't enough, she further said that Tanushree is a boy from the inside.

Yesterday, at a press conference organised by her, Rakhi shared about the time when Tanushree & she used to be best friends, attend parties together. But apparently, Dutta betrayed her by inappropriately touching her.

Revealing more about the ongoing Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar MeToo controversary, Rakhi alleged that she has been receiving gang rape threats as she is speaking the truth about Tanushree. Rakhi is afraid for her safety and asked for security help, if necessary.

To be very precise Rakhi Sawant made this allegation against Tanushree Dutta, "Tanushree is a lesbian, she touched my provate parts,she raped me multiple times and she is a boy from inside." Well, in Rakhi's defence, you cannot expect such GUTS from anyone else!

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