Tanushree Dutta receives a price for speaking out, a legal notice from Nana Patekar


Tanushree Dutta received two legal notices from Nana Patekar and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri this morning. The actress called it 'the price for speaking out against harassment.' Ms Dutta, 34, has accused Nana Patekar of harassing and then threatening her on a film set, a decade ago; Vivek Agnihotri allegedly told Tanushree to strip off in front of the camera while shooting the film Chocolate back in 2005. 

Nana Patekar’s lawyer gave out a statement last week that a legal notice has been sent to Tanushree Dutta demanding an apology. Actress then confirmed that no notice has been given to her yet but today, she said in a statement, "I have been slapped with two legal notices. One from Nana Patekar and another from Vivek Agnihotri. Both their teams are on a smear campaign against me by constructing outright lies and misinformation on social media platforms and other public platforms," She added, "This is the price you pay for speaking out against harassment, humiliation, and injustice in India." 

Nana Patekar is currently filming for Housefull 4 with Akshay Kumar in Jaisalmer.

Like Nana Patekar, Vivek Agnihotri has also denied the allegations against him. His lawyer has stated that they have sued the actress on a charge of defamation, "The allegations levelled against my client Vivek Agnihotri by Tanushree Dutta for misbehaviour and harassment are absolutely false, frivolous and vexatious. These allegations are deliberate and have been borne with an intent to attract publicity and wreak personal vendetta against my client with mala-fide intentions. On the instruction of my client, we have served a legal notice to initiate defamation action against her."

Sattyajit Gazmer, who worked as an associate director on the movie Chocolate has defended Mr Agnihotri in a long Facebook post suggesting that Tanushree cannot be credited because she had major mood swings and was not understanding towards commands and instructions on set.

Tanushree Dutta has also claimed that she has been getting violent threats from the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) and recently two people tried to barge into her house. MNS which is led by Raj Thackeray is the same political outfit allegedly involved in damaging Tanushree Dutta's car when she had chosen to opt out of the 2008 film Horn 'Ok' Please, also in question.

Tanushree has reported, "Violent threats are being issued against me by the MNS. Today, while I was at home and the police personnel posted outside my home were on a lunch break two unnamed suspicious individuals tried getting into our home uninvited but were stopped just in time by security personnel. I'm being threatened to be dragged to the court and legal system of India as we all know can keep a woman and her supporters as well as media silent on the pretext of 'matter sub judice" 

Yesterday, MNS also handed over a letter to the makers of the reality show Bigg Boss 12 on their set in Lonavla, threatening them of violence if Tanushree Dutta comes on board as a participant. Bigg Boss 12 that is hosted by Salman Khan, who, when asked about the Tanushree and Patekar controversy, told the media, "I'm not aware of this, my dear. Let me know and understand what is happening..."

To which she added, "Court cases can run for decades without a hope for a conclusion. In the end, an empty shell remains with broken hopes. A life wasted, defeated- this is the age-old saga of survivors in our nation."

Many actors from the Bollywood fraternity including Parineeiti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Freida Pinto, Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra among others have come in to support Tanushree Dutta. Many of them are referring to an eyewitness, a female journalist who said she was on set when Mr Patekar allegedly harassed the actress.

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