This is why Woody Harrelson will become a deadly carnage!


Popular American actor Woody Harrelson is believed to be portraying the role of an extreme villain Carnage in Marvel’s Venom which also stars Tom Hardy. That sounds scary, right?

Woody Harrelson’s full name is Woodrow Tracy Harrelson.

According to some sources, Harrelson is already onboard for the project to play Carnage in the anticipated blockbuster ‘Venom’ that will be directed by Ruben Fleisher. Apparently, his character is being addressed as ‘a henchman of sorts’

woody harrelson

An online report claims "a very confirm-y way that not only is Carnage to appear in the upcoming 'Venom' movie but, yes, he will be played by Woody Harrelson."

In the comics world, Carnage is also known as Cletus Kasady, who is a serial killer. This character received some portion of Venom alien Symbiote costume which paves way for much worse sadistic killer as compared to Venom. 

However, some time back the reports said Riz Ahmed could be playing Carnage in the movie. Venom features Michelle Williams and Tom Hardy. This is going to be very interesting and deadly to watch. Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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