Tyra Banks Doesn’t Want Son to Follow Her Footsteps?


Tyra Banks is extremely popular for being a prestigious supermodel and host. She is versatile and talented. Everyone admires her for the impeccable fashion sense. As a celebrity host, the audience is  simply amazed by her brilliant gift of the gab. 

"Being a mom and raising a son... I just don't want him to be a model," Banks shared.

But here’s something surprising you don’t know about Tyra. We bring you an important piece of news which is totally unexpected. Tyra Banks doesn't want her adorable son to become a model. She would rather prefer that he doesn’t step into her shoes as far as the modelling industry is concerned.

tyra banks

Tyra is a loving mother who understands how to tackle children to give them a healthy upbringing. And, that’s why she applied a clever technique of reverse psychology on her son to make sure everything goes well for him. 

"No actually, let me change that. Baby, I want you to model. I want you to get up and model every single day. Because they rebel right? They rebel. I just think that for guys, being a male model, what does that do to you?" She quipped. 

The supermodel has also shared that her life isn’t a piece of cake as a working mother.  It has been a challenge to balance hectic work schedules and raising her child, particularly, after breaking up from her boyfriend whom she dated for five years approximately.

Tyra was asked about one of the most surprising moments she experienced. She gushed, "Just how tired [I am]. I'm tired right now because I was up all night. He was waking up all night last night, and [needed a] bottle at 5:30 this morning". 

Tyra admits to be having a strong support system around her for help, but not all the time. We have some learning lessons to get from her. She is an inspiration to all working women who need to balance their work and personal life. There’s oodles of love in Tyra’s paradise.

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