Vashu Bhagnani's Fanney Khan in a legal feud!


Veteran actor Anil Kapoor starrer Fanney Khan which is slated to release on 3rd August is in a legal feud over distributing rights of the movie. Producer Vashu Bhagnani, the owner of Pooja Entertainment and Films Ltd is seeking help from the Supreme Court saying that he has been cheated in respect of film’s distribution rights.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer Fanney Khan will hit the theaters on 3rd of August

As per Bhagnani's allegations Fanney Khan's distribution rights were secretly given to Super Cassettes (T- Series). And he requested the court to order a stay on the film's release.

Petitioner Pooja Entertainment and Films Ltd said: “The reputation, fair name and profitability of the Petitioners has been adversely and unfairly affected, in a most unjustified and unseemly manner, owing to certain machinations and surreptitious arrangements between Respondent No. 1 (Kriarj Entertainment Private Limited Mumbai) and Respondent No. 7 (Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited New Delhi), in relation to All-India distribution rights of the film Fanney Khan, behind the back and unknown to the Petitioners”

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After considerable debates, a Memorandum of Agreement dated 16.12.2017 was executed, whereby distribution rights of the film in all territories in India were given to the petitioners.

The Memorandum of Agreement said: “Shockingly, and without being in the knowledge of the Petitioners, it appears that Respondent No. 1 sold its remaining rights of 25% in the film in question, to Respondent no. 7 through a letter citing financial and monetary constraints, with the result that Respondent No. 7 was given the entire 50% rights in the film, which had earlier vested with Respondent no. 1 after its agreement with Respondent No. 6 (Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures Pvt Ltd) on 8.5.2017.”

Irrespective of the legal feud, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Fanney Khan will be released on 3rd of August

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