Actress Swara Bhasker hits back at a crook for tagging her father in the masturbation-scene of the movie!


If you have seen Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Veere Di Wedding then there is no chance that you might have missed Swara Bhasker’s bold masturbation-scene where she acts like she is using a vibrator. If anything that scene was hilarious and an not out-of-the-blue scene.

I’m an ‘actor’ & I’m ‘acting’ like I’m using a vibrator

But as we know, the Indian society’s orthodoxy just fails to understand humour and accept the natural form of life and sex. Likewise, a Twitter account holder tried to slam the actress by tagging her father, an ex-naval officer and an expert of security and strategic affairs, Mr. Uday Bhaskar in the masturbation scene from Swara’s movie Veere Di Wedding.

It all began when Swara's father took to Twitter to express his joy over the Supreme Court’s verdict decriminalising homosexuality by banishing section 377.

Mr Bhasker wrote in the Tweet: "Bravo @MenakaGuruswamy on @ndtv very insightful observation re. 'constitutional morality' in relation to LGBT decision. .CJI Misra & colleagues have redeemed faith of vulnerable citizen in higher judiciary. Hope enabling legislation will follow soon & police prejudices set aside.”

And sooner or later, a Twitter account holder tagged a screenshot of Swara's masturbation scene from Veere Di Wedding and asked her father as in what she was doing in that scene.

Soon after the post caught Swara's attention, the actress hit back at the troll. She wrote: "I’m an ‘actor’ & I’m ‘acting’ like I’m using a vibrator Palash. U don’t need to ask my father, you can ask me directly the next time you have any doubts! p.s. drop the Veer from your name bro, anyone trying to shame an older person by such cheap tactics is not v brave! Cheers." (sic)

Earlier in an interview, talking about this scene Swara said: "While performing any role, an actor should have faith in it. If you don't have faith in a role, it would be hard to perform it on-screen."

On a related note, Swara will be next seen in Nil Battey Sannata.

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