Vishwaroop star Kamal Haasan talks about his political party's 'Politi-Cultural' ideology!


With the experience of working in more than 200 films, Kamal Haasan, whose movie ‘Vishwaroopam’ second installment will release today, is all set to sideline his acting career for bringing in the change in Indian politics.

Kamal Haasan’s political party is all set to fight 2019 elections

Veteran actor, writer, producer and director Kamal recently formed his own political party; Makkal Needhi Maiam in February and plans to fight for artistic freedoms which are being suppressed.

Declaring his political ideology as that of a "politi-culturalist", Kamal declared that his party is all set to fight in the 2019 elections with an eccentric approach. In an interview, Mr Haasan spoke about his political ideology and his views on PM Narendra Modi as India heads towards 2019 national elections.

"Prima facie, PM Modi is a man - that's how I would like to look at him. So, there's no use of being anti-Modi. I want to be anti-ideology or pro-ideology. Be it Mr [Rahul] Gandhi, Kamal Haasan or Rajinikanth. We can't play personality cult; people should also stop doing that. I'm not pro-Modi, I'm not anti-Modi, I'm pro-country and pro-progress," Mr Haasan said.

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He also mentioned that the focus of the political parties needs to be shifted from oppositions to poverty and other national crisis. "They (other parties) are talking about a country without that party, a country without this party. Our first priority should be a country without poverty. That should be the enemy, not an opposition party," he said.

India’s most reputed actor Mr. Kamal is not the first actor who turned towards politics. Previously, J Jayalalitha and MG Ramachandran both were renowned actors before turning into politicians. And now, Superstar Rajnikanth has formed a political party along with Kamal Haasan.

Asked about what makes his party better than the rest, Mr Haasan said, "Progress is what I want to offer. Progress is what I want for my state and progress is what has been impeded by self-serving politicians."

On a related note, his latest movie, the action spy thriller "Vishwaroop 2", has been released today. The movie is the sequel to 2013's "Vishwaroopam", which was controversially banned by the Tamil Nadu government despite being cleared for release by the censor board

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