Warning: Daniel Craig’s Most Shocking Look at BAFTA’s will Haunt you! Pic Inside


Remember the chiselled hot bod of 007 James Bond Daniel Craig wading through the sea? Oh yes, of course, you do. Hold your breath to witness something unseen and unexpected to surprise you. We bring you a hot scoop of the royal and charming Daniel Craig in an unusual avatar which shocked all those who saw him in front of their eyes. 

"Daniel Craig played the 007 James Bond in Casino Royale in 2006"

After looking at the picture, you would definitely stop and say, “My god! Is that really Daniel Craig?” When he made an appearance at the BAFTA’s ceremony where people mistook him for the ‘Spectre’ actor, he drew some flak from fans saying his face was looking very ‘plastic’ and ‘weird!’ Check it out yourself:

daniel craig

“His face looks swollen and unnatural,” Dr. David Jack, a Harley Street cosmetic doctor, told The Sun. “It could be a number of different things but the most obvious would be overdoing Botox and fillers. It looks as if he’s had a high dosage of Botox in his top and lower face as well as lots of fillers. When administering Botox for men, you have to be careful not to use too much.”

James Bond has burst our bubble of young fantasies with this recent appearance. Daniel Craig will be turning 50 years old on March 2, 2018 and fans were taken aback to see the actor’s drastic change in looks as he made an appearance at the 71st British Academy Film Awards in London on February 18,2018. He came onstage to present the Best Film award where fans were astonished to see the suave and handsome 007 Casino Royale actor who was nearly unrecognizable to be viewed at. A few sources also accused him of undergoing surgery or botox as his face looked a tad“fresh.”


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