We, the actors are not allowed to have fears, says Kajol


Bollywood's forever Anjali, Kajol believes that there is no place for fear in her profession as people expect them to be perfect all the time.“I feel that in this profession and in this field, we are not allowed to have fears of any sort. We are supposed to kind of just go out there be perfect, incredible, amazing and not have any faults. We are supposed to be perfect all the time,” she said.

Kajol will be next seen in Helicopter Eela

“I am very clear on the fact that we all are imperfect. Not only me, we all are imperfect and we all are humans and we have a right to be human as much as we can," she added.

Talking about embracing her fears, Kajol said, "I have a lot of doubts… ‘Can I do this or not, should I do this or should I not?’ Especially, when the stage is big and many people are looking at you, many people are judging you and there is so much of critic happening. So, I think yes, you need to have faith in them on a daily basis. You have to calm them down and work through them.”

Giving an insight on her future plans, she said, "I would like to surprise myself. Currently, I am just challenging myself to go through the promotion of Eela.”

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Kajol, daughter of actor Tanuja, made her Hindi film debut with Rahul Rawail’s Bekhudi in 1992 and was known as the most natural actor of the 1990s. She was always clear what type of roles she wanted to do, the genres she wanted to explore and she was confident about taking a break to enjoy family time.

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