Will Nicki Minaj reconcile with Meek Mill? Juicy Details Unleashed


Grapevine has it that Nicki Minaj may be considering reconciling with her ex Meek Mill to reignite lost sparks. But that’s only when he gets out of his sentenced imprisonment. 

Nicki and Meek began dating in early 2015.

Nicki Minaj, 35, is getting nostalgic about previous lovey-dovey moments with Mill, 30 which is making her want to give their relationship a second chance. An insider revealed, “Nicki has been thinking about Meek lately and thinking about how she feels he should be out of prison.” Further adding that, “She wants to work with him again and she has also been thinking about him romantically and leading her thoughts to the times they had when they dated a few years ago. She thinks that a spark could be brought up again and she would absolutely give him another chance if he were to get out of prison soon. She’d very much consider it and is willing to give him a second chance if that is something he’d be interested in as well.”

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Meek Mill was given a sentenced imprisonment of two to four years in state prison on November 6 for violation of his probation which he was serving from nearly 10 years after conviction on gun and drug charges when he was only 21 years old. Just in case Meek gets out of prison and may get a chance to reunite with his beloved, it will be a treasured moment to behold. The two began dating in the early 2015 when he opened up for his ladylove on the tour the same year. The lovebirds were dating for almost two years before breaking up in January 2017.  Dedicated to that split, Nicki composed a melody, “Regret in Your Tears”. We are hoping for the best for both of them.

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