5 Most disturbing Deep Sea Creatures which anyone barely knew existed!


As we all know that the universe is infinite and it is nearly impossible to explore the whole universe. Our planet is merely a spherical rock when compared to the universe. Likewise, scientists believe that only 30 per cent of the total deep-sea is explored by the humans. That leaves us with 70 per cent of the underwater world which is yet to be explored and is likely to be home to numerous unknown species.

From Black Swallower to Ghost sharks; there is a complete chain of deep-sea creatures which are unknown to the rest of the world and are likely to stay that way. However, we known that your curiosity is already through the roof which is why we have enlisted 5 of the most disturbing deep sea creatures which anyone barely knew existed.

Have a look at these creepy creatures that live in the deepest ocean:

Goblin Shark

Known by the scientific name Mitsukurina owstoni, this shark is among the rarest sharks which live deep into the ocean. Its creepy looking jaws and sharp teeth can make anyone p** in their pants. You surely do not want this shark in your aquarium. Living in the darkest and deepest ocean, Goblin Shark is not completely known to the scientists.

Angler Fish

Doesn't it look like a monster straight from the scariest dream? Also known as Lophiiformes, Anglerfish is also one of the little known creatures of the deep ocean. As ugly as it looks, anglerfishes have more than 200 unknown species. The most significant feature of this species is that they are born with a biological lamp-like organ which hangs right in front of their heads.

Viper Fish

Also known as the Chauliodus sloani, viperfish are mainly found in the tropical or temperate water. Fortunately, the chances of your encounter with a viperfish are nearly impossible because this creature lives as deep as 9000 feet. This creature has long fangs which act like a trap for its prey.

Ghost Shark

Belonging to the Chimaeras family of sharks, Ghost shark is also a rarely known shark. Even the scientists were unable to find any information about this rare shark. This creepy-looking shark lives from 500 to 3000 meters and feeds only on worms, crabs and molluscs.

Gulper Eel

Also known as Eurypharynx pelecanoides, Gulper Eel may never ever be sighted by a common fisherman or resident. However, deep-sea divers have encountered with this hideous creature many times. Gulper eel can live from 1000 to 2100 meters deep in the ocean. It has extremely large jaws and is capable of killing an individual in a single bite.

Aren't these creatures hideous? Well, the main reason behind their creepy body structure is that they have evolved very less since the beginning of the world. Stay tuned for more quirky facts.

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