5 Things every woman should know about their body


Sex Education in India is nothing more than a taboo, which does not allow the woman to know anything about the natural processes that there body is supposed to go through. All we're ever told is that sex is 'Tauba Tauba' but once she's married, she is supposed to be a pro in keeping her husband happy sexually and emotionally. 

Thanks to this male dominated society, a lot of women live with unanswered questions, a mind full of self-doubts and serious issues. So ladies, relax your mind and read below. Because every women goes through the same!

Hair around your nipples

Everyone has hair follicles and oil glands over their bodies, so it's perfectly normal to have some hair strings on your nipples. 

Your vagina smells

Trust me, you might think that your vagina has a distinct smell but that's all natural. Worry when they start smelling like rotten fish! Because when that happens, you SHOULD consult a doctor. Sometimes its due to infection or it might just be hormones playing around. 

Regular vaginal discharge

You might not know this but a clear, white-ish discharge on a regular basis is healthy. That's your vagina's way to keep itself clean. Although, visit a doctor if the discharge changes color.

Vaginal farts

Hard to believe but vaginal farts are very common. They are called 'Queefs' and they happen for a variety of reasons. But mostly it happens when air gets into your vagina and then gets out. However, if this happens during sex, then do make your partner aware of it. 

The first time is always painful

If you're having sex for the first time, then it is supposed to be a little uncomfortable because your vagina has never experienced anything like this before. All you need to do is give it time and eventually it will be comfortable. However, if the pain doesn't go then you should consult a gynecologist. 

This is just a starting point, so girls, embrace your beauty and just know that you're beautiful!

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