7 Life Teachings From a Man Who Has seen 12000 Deaths


This is no secret that India is known as the land of spirituality and philosophy, and when we delve deeper into the roots, nothing can compare the pure vicinity of the land of Varanasi where mysticism, moksha and alluring ghats take the front seat. Once you are here, you cannot help but get lured by with its beautiful waterfronts.

But the landscape is not all that makes it the most desirable place; it is the land of Moksha as well. People come to take in all its peacefulness in their dying days. There is a guest house in Varanasi where people book their bed to die. Mukti Bhawan is the abode for people who are living their last moments. Watching all rich and poor checking into the guesthouse and count their last days, 44 years old Bhairav Shukla, the manager, recalls 7 important life lessons that he learnt after witnessing 12000 deaths.

No More Baggage

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Mr. Shukla recalls Shri Ram Sagar Mishr who walked into the guesthouse carrying a baggage of rifts with his brothers. He was sure that he would die the 16th day but didn’t wish to die with a heavy heart. So a letter was sent to his brothers to come and amend things between them so that Mr. Mishr can die in peace.

Bhairav Shukla has seen many variations of this teaching throughout  his life at Mukti Bhawan.

“People carry so much baggage, unnecessarily, all through their life only wanting to drop it at the very end of their journey. The trick lies not in not having conflicts but in resolving them as soon as one can,” says Bhairav.

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Simplicity is Beauty

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A man, no matter how rich or how proud, understands the truth of life in his last stages. Mr. Shukla claims that Mukti Bhawan plays soothing bhajans and songs thrice a day to make people believe in the simplicity of life which actually helps them in acquiring the peace they lack when they enter the threshold. 

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There is freedom in acceptance

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Most people fail to understand how important it is to accept failure, hard time and death. You cannot always defeat something that is inevitable. Instead of shirking away from the idea of what you are going through, embrace it with as much enthusiasm and think about making it more peaceful.

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Choose what you value more

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It is very easy to get lost in the pool of sorrow and curse your life for coming to an end this soon. Rather, try to indulge yourself into something that excites you and makes you feel alive. Mr. Shukla states that most people lose the power of communication, walk or speak but their mind still turns out to be their strongest asset.

Going back to their happy memories is the only way they empower their heart and mind.

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Dharma is Important

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Mr. Shukla is very clear that dharma is not something spiritual but it defines what good you do for others. The holy man would suggest keeping a portion of your income aside for goodwill, which will not only help others but pacify the fire in your soul as well.

Why wait for your last days to understand each others’ suffering when you can feel the companionship at every step of your life?

Helping others helps you

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It might sound empowering that one is self sufficient with his work and self but the blindness of being self dependent often makes us ignore what all we can learn from each other. Bhairav believes we must help others, but more importantly, have the courage to seek help when we’re in need.

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Kick out the Bad Traits

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It is natural for people to get engrossed in the bad traits rather than hugging their good qualities when they are on the deadline. Every person has their good and bad sides and it is important to bring them out at perfect times. The more good you embrace, the better person you become.

Mukti Bhawan surely gives a shed to people in their last days when they need it the most. Not because they don’t have any other place to go, but because they provide them the mental and physical salvation that they seek before death.

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