8 Things Not-To-Do in The Bahamas: Sun, sand and freedom!


The main purpose behind connecting tourists or avid travellers is to make sure that they are safe and beware of any danger at the place of their visit. Hence, some wise bloggers created the 'Not-To-Do' articles. Previously, we covered facts related to things Not-To-Do in Dubai (UAE) which is a guide to help you in staying out of trouble in that luxurious tourist spot.

Likewise, this time we bring to you a guide related to things Not-To-Do in The Bahamas. Known as the hub to the most crystal-clear beaches in the world, The Bahamas is a hub for the tourists from all-around the world. Like other countries, The Bahamas is also known for its strict law-force.

So, here is a list of 8 things which you must Not do while vacationing in The Bahamas for staying out of trouble:

Not Negotiating with your Taxi Driver

Most of the taxis in Bahamas don’t use meters like they do in other major cities around the world. This can make paying really tricky when you reach your destination. Instead of getting yourself into a sticky situation with your cab driver, make sure to negotiate your rate upfront.

Go Cashless

Do not rely on your Debit or Credit cards for payment in The Bahamas. In case of a medical emergency, you’ll want to make sure you have cash on hand. Many medical facilities require cash for all treatments, and many of them charge an arm and a leg. If you don’t want to drain your vacation fund on medical attention, take good care of yourself during your visit.

Drive on the Right Side

Indians are used to driving on the right side of the road; you’ll probably feel a little bit awkward making your way around the Bahamas. Cars drive on the left side, so if you’re not comfortable with this, you must opt for a taxi instead.

Visit during June-November

June through November is hurricane season, so you’ll want to avoid booking your trip during this time. If you’re going to take your chances and visit during the storm season, make sure to check local reports and check in with your airline to make sure your travel plans won’t experience any delays.

Drive (Avoid, if possible)

The actual problem of driving in The Bahamas is due to the aggressive local drivers. If you feel like jumping in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, make sure you stay alert, be a defensive driver, and pay special attention to the roadways. In the rural areas, the streets aren’t properly maintained so they’re in really poor condition.

Focus only on beaches

While vacationing in Bahamas, make sure not-to-spend your whole time in the water at the beaches. There’s so much more to do on the islands! Have you ever gone on a food tour? If not, you might want to check out Bahamian Food Tours. The three-hour excursion includes some stops at the finest hole in the wall eateries off the beaten path.

Eat raw fruits or Veggies

You’ll probably pass by many fruit stands, but you should definitely keep on walking. Visitors are advised to stay clear of veggies and fruits unless they’re cooked or peeled.

Roam around in swimwear

Known for its sandy beaches and crystal clear water, The Bahamas is surely a place to show off your new bikini. However, many areas away from the beach require a certain standard of dress. After you’re done going for a swim and getting your tan on, make sure to cover up when you’re in public areas.

So, when are you going to visit the beach capital of the world, The Bahamas? Stay tuned for more travel related updates.

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