Aquaman trailer: Jason Momoa aka Arthur Curry will take your breath away!


The wait is over. We were already going gaga over this year's San Diego Comic-Con and while that wasn't enough; the Warner Bros’ panel there released the much-awaited trailer of James Wan’s Aquaman. Yes, we’re not kidding. Keep on reading!

Aquaman will dive into the theatres near you on December 21, 2018

After the series of event in Justice League, Jason Momoa is back as Arthur Curry/Aquaman to resolve some conflict. But this time, things are personal. Apparently, his half-brother Orm/Ocean-Master (played by regular James Wan collaborator Patrick Wilson) is planning to declare war on Earth as he believes that humans have polluted the seas. (Which is by every means true!)

The two minute and twenty six second long trailer begins with Arthur talking about himself and his family. He was born to Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) and a lighthouse keeper. Arthur's mother, tells baby Arthur, “You could unite our worlds one day,” meaning underwater world and the surface world.

Cut to scene where Arthur as a young boy, is staring at fishes in a giant aquarium when two boys taunt him for talking to the fish. Just a second later, a giant white shark breaks the water barrel, freaking out everybody except Arthur.

Atlantean warrior Mera (a gorgeous Amber Heard), who helps Arthur to return to his homeland, warns him about the deadly plan of his brother and says, “Your half-brother King Orm is about to declare war on the surface world. There are visuals of a tsunami-level wave engulfing a coastal region. The only way to stop this war is to take your place as rightful king.”

Arthur replies, “Trust me, I am no king.” But eventually he leaves for his homeland, explaining why the trailer took so long to release!

As promised by director James Wan, the visuals of the underwater world are beyond expectations. The bright and vibrant colors are just so much better than the days of Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman.

Guys, Aquaman will entirely be something else so keep yourself free on December 21, 2018!

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