Blackmail Movie Review: Watch it! Only for Irrfan Khan


The almighty Irrfan Khan proves his mettle again with his recently released movie, Blackmail which tells the tale about three people Dev (Irrfan Khan)- the honest husband, Reena (Kriti Kulhari)- the cheating wife and Ranjit (Arunoday Singh)- the lover. The story begins when Dev finds his wife cheating on him, which leaves him in a delusion with three options- killing the lover, killing the wife or blackmailing the lover. So what does Dev finally do? Well, whatever he decides results in innumerous unexpected situations which will make your bellies hurt! Also don’t forget to watch till the end, to know who blackmails who, how blackmailer becomes blackmailee and many more things will be uncovered in the second half.

The type of script this movie has, it is sort of hard to maintain the difference between mystery and absurdity, However Parveen Sheikh has written the script as a total badass! From the scenes where Irrfan runs half naked to the songs, Abhinay has done a fair job in every way. Coming over to Pradhuman Singh Mall who is not just a great performer but also has some hilarious dialogues for you. Ending of the film is debatable as some might find it incomplete but as far as I’m concerned, it’s an unbroken and enchanting piece of art.

Irrfan Khan has given one spectacular performance, something that we expected of him. His character is so simply and perfectly written that you cannot do anything but adore him! On the other hand, Kriti Kulhari is looking all beautiful and badass at the same time. Arunoday Singh plays a major role in making this film entertaining. He was stereotyped as this brand ambassador of a protein shake company  but with this one he proves he has much more in store for us. Divya Dutta nails her performance because hello! She is fabulous. She perfectly portrayed the role of a dominating, foul-mouthed wife. The amount of dedication she has put to get into the skin of her character is clearly visible on screen. Pradhuman Singh Mall, Noora from Tere Bin Laden, plays the role of Irrfan’s friend Anand Tripathi.

Abhinay Deo, the man who made his debut into Bollywood with one of India's greatest black comedy, Delhi Belly in 2011 has managed to live up to our expectations and given us, a one of a kind film. The only thing which makes this movie less entertaining than Delhi Belly is its disfigured script. At some points, the film becomes a little too unconvincing to believe but it's a good one time watch!

Amit Trivedi’s songs along with Mickey McCleary’s music ticks this film as perfect in yet another section. Nindaraan Diyaan is amazingly used defining the crux of ‘cheating wife’ in the film. With just one song Trivedi manages to build up a lot of emotions with Irrfan’s character. Songs like Badla and Sataasat are just another example of how to perfectly use songs in a film. Mickey decides to stick with Trivedi’s basics infusing a lot from his songs as the BGM.Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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