Fabulous Ways to Style Oiled Hair That You Never Tried


Have got healthy mane, will flaunt. There are plenty of hairstyles to try for dry and wavy hair. But the real challenge comes when you’ve oiled your hair for nourishment. However, you got a party invitation suddenly and are short of time to wash your oiled hair. What do you do? 

Fake a waxed hair look just like your favourite celebs with a few styling tricks for oiled hair.

Well, it happens with me when my hair looks dull and damaged, I have no other option but to coat the mane with lots of oil. But, next day I’ve got to go to work. And there’s no way, I’m going to wear a dorky oiled look outside where I’m considered fashionable. So, I thought why not ditch the hassles of dry shampoo and opt for hairstyles we can do with oiled hair? Sounds good, right? Let’s get started. 

Quirky Ponytail

how to style oily hair

Give your oily hair an uber-chic look with this quirky hairstyle. Tie a normal ponytail except passing your entire hair through the rubber-band, leave some fraction of hair in a bun style. You’re ready to look stylish at work or parties with this oiled hair as well.

Faux Mohawk Bun

how to style oily hair

Take some portion of hair from the crown and tie a fishtail braid or a french braid till you reach the end of the crown and tie a small bun. Leave the rest of the hair open and you’re off to the fashion parade. 

Triple Circle Ponytail

how to style oily hair

All you need to do is tie a high ponytail and divide into three sections by securing two more hairbands in equal distance from the first to second and third rubberband. Leave the middle section of ponytail slightly edged out.  

Braided Bun

how to style oily hair

Create a top bun while leaving a few strands of hair to secure as a braid. Now tie this braid around the top knot bun you’ve made. You can use bobby pins when required. It’s very simple and easy to do. You can do this hairstyle for work or if you’ve oiled hair and got no other option to style your hair. 

Twist & turns

how to style oily hair

Divide your hair into two sections with a middle partition. Then use the strands of hair to twist them inwards and repeat this procedure with the other side. Now, tuck the stray hair into the inward space left after the twisted ponytail and make a sleek bun.  

Top Knot

how to style oily hair

Throw your hair upside down and comb them gently. Now, create a French braid from the nape of your neck till you reach the end of crown and towards the top. Form a bun from the rest of the hair and you’re top knot is ready to camouflage the oiliness in style. 

Now, nourish your hair with as much oil as you want without worrying about looking geeky the next day at work. Now that you know these easy-breezy ways to style oiled hair, I’m sure you’ll easily fake the waxed hair look. Have fun while trying on these hairstyles that make you look great. Make the oiled hair look like the next fashion fad on the horizon. Then, you can amp up your simple hairdos with the help of teeny-weeny hair accessories for a fancy look.

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