Former East Bengal football player booked for moving a 500-Kg drug consignment!


Football is a gentlemen's game but not every person who plays football is a gentleman. After representing West Bengal from 2002-2008, during which he was also given the captain's armband, ace footballer Amjad Ali Khan has been linked to a drug cartel.

According to reports, Ali was returning to his home in Hooghly district's Jangipara, when the police, alerted by a tip, searched his truck and recovered a huge amount of cannabis. Reports also suggest that Khan was arrested for allegedly smuggling Cannabis along with three of his associates, Harpreet Singh, Balbinder Singh and Amit Roy, by a Special Task Force of the city police

As far as the consignment is confirmed, it weighed around 500 Kgs and was arriving from Assam to Bengal in a truck. Initial reports suggest that the consignment was arriving from Silchar in Assam

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A truck full of cannabis was recovered near the footballer’s home. Near his home in Jangipara in Hooghly, cops raided the truck which allegedly carried half-a-ton of marijuana.

The fact that marijuana users in India are increasing daily, is not unknown but the fact that football players are turning into drug-Mafias is spine-chilling itself. The word is that there is a drug racket in the city of which Amjad Ali Khan was a part. Initially, not Khan but his associate Amit Roy was the receiver of this consignment.

Mohun Bagan player Amjad's partners, Balvinder Singh and Harpreet Singh were captured inside the vehicle when the police raided it. And soon after interrogating Harpreet, Balvinder and Amit, the police got to know that Khan was also a part of the plan.

Besides this controversy, Amjad was once a decorated captain of East Bengal football team and an achieving Mohun Bagan player. Hailing from Bengal, Amjad has begun his journey on the dark path of crime. You might not know but Khan had also played for India U-16 team that took part in several competitions including the Asian Sub-Junior Cup Qualifiers 2000.

Either the poor treatment of Indian football players by the government or Bengal's increasing crime-rate is to be blamed for such kind of activities. Stay tuned for more sports related updates.

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