Hit new low with Thibaut’s thong jeans, more from Tokyo FW S '18


Turns out no fabric, just seams is the newest rule in fashion this season, thanks to Thibaut’s infamous thong jeans that debuted at the recent Tokyo Fashion Week Spring 2018. Talk about street style and the city has so much to offer in terms of individuality and that ‘shock’ factor. Another such daring design in Thibaut’s new collection was the bra with giant holes cut through the middle.

Murral’s Spring ’18 collection structure upon flowers, their complex patterns.

Get a taste of how Thibaut and other designers including G.V.G.V, Murral, Hare, Hyke and others, at the fashion week execute this purely iconoclastic take on the very idea of what style and fashion means to the present generation.

Unconventional trend


Almost all looks from Thibaut’s collection were styled with sneakers, dirty sneakers. The New Balance 933 pair were streaked with black to match the whole rusty look. A meagre fabric offering yet fully functional, this minimal denim bottom was paired with a long sleeve bodysuit and see-through glasses.

Geometry at Play


For 2018 spring, G.V.G.V and Tae Ashida find their root patterns in lines, shapes, dots and all that is geometry. These designers are the ones for the ‘grown-ups’—most clothing featuring refined separates, classic black and white number, dresses and so on.

Ashida’s creations are a great catch, if what you are looking for consists of casual element plus intricate laceworks—all those glossy finish appropriate for both work and weekend.

Floral Murral


Titled Sonata, Murral’s Spring ’18 collection structured upon flowers and the beauty of their complex patterns. Designers Ayumi Sekiguchi and Yusuke Muramatsu put together a silky blend of separates and pleated skirts.

Dressed Undressed


Emiko Sato and Takeshi Kitazawa boldly made a move into the seductive territory. Nude boy shorts are worn beneath oversized denim jacket while transparent leggings are put together with billowing shirt dress. Model Yue Ning stopped the show baring her svelte figure in a mere lace slip and nothing else, in a way, providing the brand’s literal interpretation.

Hare and Hyke


At Hyke, designers Yukiko Ode and Hideaki Yoshihara took inspiration from their personal collection. We see a vintage palette of khaki and black, with Hare no different in terms of tone and combinations. Designed in collaboration with Robert Geller, Hare’s designs are aggressively on trend.

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