Kaalakaandi Movie Review: Is Saif really trying this hard to make it work?


After two average outing at the box-office last year, Saif Ali Khan is back with Kaalakaandi. The title of the film is a Marathi slang- Kaala-Kaandi, meaning something is not being done right in the right manner or is horribly wrong. And as the title suggests, right from the first frame, we are reminded that nothing can go right for its characters.

Set in Mumbai, the story of the film is very interesting as its a dark comedy, and too easy to relate with situations and characters. With a variety of quirky, pseudo characters waking after midnight reflects the unpredictable life in the city. But, they seldom find themselves intertwined in a bizarre series of coincidences.

Saif Ali Khan

In the opening scene Saif Ali Khan is in his doctor's clinic where his doctor sugar coats his diagnosis with, "You do not suffer from ulcers, hence you don't have perforating ulcers. Instead you suffer from stomach cancer." Now when a person who has never experienced the excess of anything bad, hits rock bottom with this news. So when he returns home, where the wedding preparation of his younger brother Angad (Akshay Oberoi) is under-way, he sips alcohol and tries a narcotic substance. This sets the ball rolling for a roller-coaster cinematic experience.

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On the other hand, Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal, are sowed as flunkies who work for the local gangster. After collecting the protection money from a film producer, how greed overcomes them, forms the crux of their fate. Last but not the least, Kunal Roy Kapur is in depressed and tensed because of his girlfriend moving to America. Just before her flight, as a farewell gesture and to celebrate the birthday of their friend Ann (Shenaz Treasurywala), they land up at a pub which predictably gets raided. How they escape from the clutches of the police and what fate has in store for them, forms the crux of their story.

Saif Ali Khan

This movie is a pure entertainer, and the best part is all the fun and quirky chararcters with their rustic dialogues. All of the actors have put their heart and soul into the film, which makes them surely shine! Of the supporting cast, Sobhita Dhulipala as Zubin's girlfriend, Amyra Dastur as Neha -- Angad's fiance, Isha Talwar as the wedding photographer and Saif's love interest, Treasurywala as Ann along with Shivam Patil as her boyfriend Jason who calls himself "Jehangir Jehangir" have their moments of on screen glory.

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Saif Ali Khan

The part that disappointed the most about the movie was that, there is no lesson or message in the film. It portrays the three sets of people facing a series of interlocking challenges but there is no jest of it at the end. It approaches the notion of pure filmmaking as entertainment; it is a nearly flawless example of- itself.

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Directed by debutant director Akshat Verma, Kaalakaandi deserves a 4.5/10 but honestly, Saif can do better! Don't forget to sare with us what you feel about the film.

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