Know what NOT to do in Dubai: A glance at the rules and regulations


Travel blogs these days, are all about telling people what to do at various places in the world. If the above written statement defines 'Travel Blogs' then this article is not a travel blog because here we will tell you what not to do when in Dubai.

As we all know, UAE is a rich and strict nation. They have some of weirdest rules for tourists as well as its citizens. So, in order to prevent you from getting in any legal trouble, (during your stay in Dubai) here is a subtle compilation of things which you must not do in Dubai:

Tacky Clothes

Not only Dubai but the whole UAE is a conservative community. Also, if you contradict or disobey there ideologies then you may land in jail. Likewise, women in Dubai are not allowed to wear less/tacky clothes and we would advise you to follow the same. If you are caught cross-dressing or inappropriately dressed then you might be served with a heavy fine or even jail.

Unmarried Couple

Irrespective of the fact whether you are travelling with your fiancé or a sibling; if you are not married to the other person then you cannot share the same room with your companion. If unmarried couples are caught living together then they may get fined or imprisonment or deported.

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No, drinking is not a crime in Dubai, period. It is perfectly fine if you drink inside your mansion or licensed bars but if not, then you may land up in jail. Drinking in a public place or being drunk in a public place is a criminal offense in UAE. So make sure that you stop boozing right after stepping out of the bar or your hotel.


Possession of drugs including pot, cocaine, heroin and even prescription drugs will land you in some serious trouble. Not only selling but usage of drugs is also treated as a punishable offense.

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As we all know that pork-meat is considered as a taboo for the Muslim community. Hence, if you are caught eating or transporting pork meat then you may get served with a hefty fine.


Public display of affection is not allowed in India as well as in Dubai. Kissing or hugging in public is a punishable offense and unlike India, the punishment is way more serious in Dubai.


Imagine vacationing at a place where you cannot even get drunk and dance! Well, Dubai is that place. Dancing in public places is a punishable offense.


Eating or accepting food with the left hand portrays that your habits are unclean and unhealthy. So, avoid using your left hand for eating.

Criticizing Islam

If at any point of time and at any place you are caught criticising the Royals or the Islam then you will be served with an equivalent punishment.

So, what are you waiting for? Comment your upcoming travel destination and we will tell you what NOT to do while in that country. Stay tuned for more travel related updates.

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