Marvel's Stephen Wacker plans on casting THIS Indian actor!


In a recent interview, Stephen Wacker shared that the content that Marvel makes has a universal appeal as it’s inspirational in nature. He said, “It’s the belief that there is a hero inside all of us. Within each of us is the belief that we can be better than who we are. I think that’s exciting for everybody.”

As Marvel has done excellent business in India in 2018 with Avengers Infinity War and Black Panther, likewise Marvel plans to please their Indian fan base. Stephen added, “I think in the next few years Marvel is going to try to create characters with a real toehold in Indian culture. Try for authenticity that can go as far as finding Indian talent. We want to find a way to create characters that have a home in this world so we can bring Indian culture to the core North American Marvel fan. Let them understand a different part of the world too. I think that’s going to be an exciting thing for Marvel. My hope is that the fan in India feels just as much part of the Marvel universe as some kid in New York.”

When asked about which Indian actor will be the most suitable for featuring in the Marvel’s superhero movie, Stephen laughed and said, “If we make Indian content, we have to put Shah Rukh Khan. He has to be in it.” On a serious note, Stephen further said, “I can’t speak for the movies. If we have stories set in different countries, the goal is always to use actors from that part of the world.”

On a related note, marvel Studios is currently working on its upcoming projects including Captain Marvel and Avengers 4; both of which will release next year.

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