Our best pickup lines that'll make you want to try them at least ONCE!


Approaching a woman or taking the first step is tough and tricky. You're nervous and you really don't want to come across as a pervert. Well, there's a fine line between healthy flirting and being creepy. In the sea of single dudes and crappy pickup lines, how do you stand out?

No girl wants a guy who flirts with every girl

If you're planning on approaching a girl, then make sure that you have something different, something which will keep her attention stuck to you for the rest of the evening, because who comes to a party to talk about the mundane?! I know you've got it but it's never bad to be extra prepared. I mean, you've got to strike up a conversation that catches her off-guard.

You're lucky that we're here because we have a list of some quirky pickup lines which will surely help you to break the ice. Nothing makes for a more interesting conversation starter than a naughty pickup line. So here we go!

Remember, it’s flirting when you’re seeing someone but it’s just being friendly when you’re dating. Happy flirting peeps! Stay tuned for more Relationship-related updates.

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