Royal Wedding Invitation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hints at her divorce


This is going to be the best wedding of the year. Flowers, confetti and all things royal.  After all the hype, finally the much-awaited lovey-wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to tie the knot on May 19. The wedding cards have been printed. Boy! They are breaking age-old conventions this time around. 

Prince Harry and Meghan are going to May 19, 2018.

After looking at the wedding invitation, we were happy and surprised. For all those lucky people who are going to get those invitations can reserve them as treasure of royalty. However, others can take a look at the social media for a closer look. 

royal wedding

There’s something the wedding invitation reveals about the would-be-duchess. An etiquette expert has provided an insight into the royal paper. Actually, the name of would-be duchess hints at her divorce. 

Looking back, Kate Middleton was addressed as a ‘Miss’ on the invitations for her royal wedding to Prince William while Meghan’s honorific happens to be ‘Ms’.

William Hanson revealed that etiquette implies that a divorced woman ought to be addressed as ‘Ms’, not ‘Miss’, and also that the royal family has never approved of the honorific ‘Ms’ before. 

“The royal household, in particular the Queen, has never before acknowledged the honourific Ms, regardless of whether it was being used to signify a divorced woman or one who did not feel her marital status was of importance,” Hanson quipped.

“It was first used in connection to Meghan in the November engagement announcement and since then has been used throughout the royal household’s communications, on press releases, invitations and social media.”

We’re excited and delighted to hear the wedding bells ring soon.

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