Tired of the regular placements? Here are 10 Too-Good-To-Be-True Jobs that feel like a dream!


Everyone faces anxiety regarding their future and life; about what do they want to achieve in life and whether or not they're headed towards the right career path. There’s nothing wrong about it, if anything, it’s good that you’re at least thinking about where you see yourself in the future. The decisions you make today will have an ever-lasting impact on your lifetime so it’s always better to research before jumping on to conclusions.

With the growing age of almost everything that mankind knows, even career options have changed. It’s so much easier than before, when it comes to connecting with your inner calling. When our parents were growing up, they did not have such diverse options to pursue their dreams, but we do.

So try to make the most of this opportunity by going through this list of some of the most unconventional jobs around the world. Don’t worry, they do pay you and make you love what you do!

Wine Taster

You might have heard it many times but to be frank, it is REALLY a profession. They work in fine restaurants and work on wine and food pairing.

Stand-up Comedy

If comedy is your thing then don't think twice before pursuing your dreams! University of Salford, Manchester and Humber College, Toronto are a couple of such colleges which offer this course.

Comic Artist

There is nothing wrong in taking forward your creative instinct as a career option. You can create graphics and content for a comic book or a graphic novel.

Ice-cream Taster

Sounds like a dream come true! All you have to is judge the ice cream and its taste. From its texture, smell to consistency and other things!

Full-time Netflix Viewer

YES! You can get paid to binge-watch all of Netflix's TV shows and movies. All you have to do is break their content down and provide appropriate tags. They are known as taggers or editorial analysts. The responsibilities include watching, researching, rating, tagging, and writing analysis for movie and TV content.

Tea Tasting

There is no India who doesn't like tea; we go hand-in-hand. Hence, it is the perfect career opportunity for all Indians. A tea taster not only tastes the tea but is trained enough to make the judgment about how to improve the taste and how the tea should be brewed.

Toy Designer

The toys that we enjoy so much are of course, designed by some genius! So how about you take this job? Design and live your life with your favorite toys!

Dog Walker

Being a dog lover comes with its own happiness. There are no qualifications for this job, but you should enjoy the company for your little paw-friend!

Pet Groomer

AGAIN! Dream come true for any animal lover. With the hectic schedules and long office hours, this profession is really on a boost as owners want their pets to look super cute always!

Dance Therapist

If dancing is your true passion then dance therapy, the psychotherapeutic study of improving one's emotional, mental, cognitive and physical growth through movements is the best option to pursue your dreams!

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