Top 5 benefits of consuming Broccoli


We all are well aware with cabbage, cauliflower and other belonging to this family. This member of the cabbage family is used to be one of the most hated vegetable of our childhood until we found out its benefits. Yes, you guessed it right. We are indeed talking about 'Broccoli'.

Eat well, Stay well!

You would be highly surprised to know that this vegetable is among the healthiest ones and are very beneficial for the consumer as well.

Here are the top five benefits of eating broccoli which are very crucial for leading a healthy life:

Good for Arthritis


As per several studies, consuming broccoli may help to slow down and even prevent osteoarthritis. The scientific explanation behind this is that there is a compound in broccoli called sulphoraphane that is a sulfer-rich compound. This compound helps in blocking a key destructive enzyme that damages cartilage.



The bitter tasting broccoli gets its bitterness from the same sulfer-rich compound 'sulphoraphane'. And it is attributed to cruciferous vegetables and the combined ability to help fight cancer. Therefore, broccoli helps preventing more than 20 types of cancer.

Stomach Healing


Broccoli contains high amount of folate. And it has been found that adequate intake of folate protects against stomach, colon, pancreatic and cervical cancer. Not only this, studies also state that folate reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.



With other healthy compounds, broccoli is also rich in soluble fiber. Thus, it helps in maintaining low cholesterol levels.



Broccoli has abundance of Vitamin C which is commonly found in citrus fruits. Vitamin C helps in antioxidizing our body. And hence, broccoli becomes grade A antioxidant.

In a nutshell, eat broccoli for a healthier and more prosperous life. Along with the above listed benefits, broccoli is known for its anti-allergic and heart-healthy properties.

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