Whenever I think of my amazing school years, I cannot stop reminiscing over these words


As a kid, I used to hate waking up for school, getting ready and catching the bus was never my thing. However, after 5 years I miss that place so much that I won’t think twice if I get a chance to live that life again. School has taught us so much about things. There’s no way we could stand, where we all our without that place!

You might be thinking about the many things that your school has taught but the question is, how many of them are useful now? Supposedly, you took humanities in 11th so what good was trigonometry in 10th? Did you ever visit the horrific sine, cos, tan again? NOPE. Yeah, because trigonometry literally has no use for you.

But we're not here to remind the time when school wasted out time. We're here for those words which bring different emotions to each one of us but we haven't used since we passed out.

When was the last time you used any of these words?

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