You will be shocked after knowing how much pocket-money Ambani's gave to their kids!


The co-owner of Reliance Pvt Ltd, Mukesh Ambani is not only the richest man in India but all over the globe. The name 'Ambani' itself is a multi-million brand on the planet earth. Besides being one of the ten richest businessmen in the world, Ambani is known for his philanthropies, lavish lifestyle and a hell lot of serious dough.

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From an exotic car collection to never-ending wardrobes, Ambani's got it all. Their house, Antilia in Mumbai is also one of the most expensive homes in the world. And that is not all guys! As we all know buzinessman Mukesh Ambani and his equally talented wife, Nita Ambani both are blessed with three children; Akash, Anant and Isha Ambani who are already creating buzz with their lavish lifestyle and expensive toys.


Well! It won't be wrong to say that all of these kids were born with a "golden-spoon" as they are hardly in their 20s and already living the 'Billionare lifestyle'. At least that is what the twitterati and paparazzi thinks/captures. Period. But do you have any idea how much pocket-money did Ambani gave to his children?


Mukesh Ambani believes in excellence rather than success and that is how he treated his kids. He taught them to appreciate all the perks they had, being a heir to the Ambani throne. Mukesh and Nita decided to teach their children the value of money before showering it on them. As Mukesh Ambani is capable of making a couple of crores shower on his children.


Nita once revealed the amount of her children's pocket-money in an interview, she was quoted as “When my kids were still young, I’d give them Rs 5 each every Friday to spend in the school canteen. One day, my youngest, Anant, came running into my bedroom and demanded he is given Rs 10 instead. When I questioned him, he said his pals in school laughed whenever they saw him take out a five-rupee coin saying,‘Tu Ambani hai ya bhikari!’ Mukesh and I couldn’t help but crack up."


The lesson here is that the kid who asked for an increment is already a billionaire yet his parents smiled at his logic for increased pocket-money because they know that the amount is not the concern while parenting kids. The main motto of Nita Ambani for giving 5 rupees for pocket-money to her kids was that she wanted her kids to realize the importance of every single penny.


Isn't this shocking? I bet you never would’ve guessed that Nita Ambani, the richest Indian wife gave merely 5 rupees to her kids. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related quirky updates.

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