2.0 Movie Review: Rajinikanth, Shankar and Akshay Kumar's magnum opus will be remembered for a lifetime!


The wait is finally over because Khiladi Akshay Kumar's regional debut movie, 2.0 released today. Lucky for us, we've already watched it and loved it to bits! If you've watched the trailer (which I'm sure of) then you know that this movie is about fight against technology. Well, the basic storyline of the movie is simple and can be easily revealed in not more than two lines but I am not going to do that!

This movie deserves a first-hand experience because all the hype that it created is worth it! So, without telling much let's begin with Dr. Waseegaran (Rajinikanth), who has created a new robot named Nila (Amy Jackson) and she is beautiful to a limit that she leaves you speechless. However, Dr. Waseegaran wishes to bring back Chitti but thanks to dirty politics, it's a dream he should forget.

Those of you, who have watched the first part of this series- know that Waseegaran does not give so easily which is why, he successfully brings Chitti back to fight against the evil Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar). In case, you're wondering; like I promised, I won't be giving out any spoilers. Just read ahead because the entire story revolves around this entertaining face-off. This movie is great to watch because of the delightful chaos it creates on-screen!

Director S. Shankar has done a kick-ass job! His magnanimous vision did not lose focus till the last second and you will realise that, whatever happens on the big screen is larger than life and will surely keep your intrigued through the entire movie. It doesn't matter which language you the movie in because the visuals are so good! However, Anthony’s editing somewhere drags and a bit more tightness would’ve crisped the core of the story.

This movie stands strong as a reason why the 67-year-old superstar Rajinikanth is known as Thalaivar. He puts his heart and soul in whatever he does and he has done the same with 2.0! This movie is special because Rajinikanth has done everything in his power to make this a memorable journey!

All Akshay Kumar fans, please stand up! Although, the actor has limited screen presence but he still dominates the scenes even in-front of Rajni sir. Trust me, no one has the power to do that! His quirky antics clicks very well. He nails the emotional angle which helps in the development of his character too! Amy Jackson is a treat to your eyes. She has delivered a good performance. Supporting cast was just about average including Adil Hussain but the movie is surely not about them!

If you considered Baahubali 2 has the parameter when grandness of movies was concerned, then I suggest, think again! Shankar makes you sit tight through the entire movie. Moreover, the perfect mixture of VFX & story is what made me really happy! Every penny of the budget is totally justified. (PLEASE WATCH IT IN 3D for the best experience!!)

Maestro A.R. Rahman does a splendid job with the background score of the movie. Other songs of the movie are not interesting at all, and well there is no need for them to be because the movie is amazing!

Lastly, 2.0 is a must-watch. It is a full ticket into the world of thrill, technology and great direction! There’s a lot for both Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar fans; not a single person will leave theatres half heartedly. A MUST WATCH in cinema halls! (if possible – 3D). 9 OUT OF 10 STARS!

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