Alpha Movie Review: A tale about how mankind found friendship!


Directed by The Book of Eli fame director Albert Hughes, Alpha releases today and its review could not have been better. By the first look of it, Alpha looks like nothing but 'a Mowgli in Ice-Age' movie but it is not. The filmmakers have given their best for portraying a story of mankind’s first-ever intervention with ‘friendship’ on-screen.

The movie is set in the last few years of Ice Age, and is about a boy who is stuck into wilderness. A young Keda who is being portrayed by Kodi Smit-McPhee, is injured and left for dead after a mishap during a hunting expedition.

On his journey to back home, he meets an injured wolf, and helps it in recovering and surviving into the wild. They both then begin fighting the predators and other threats to survive the ordeal.

22-year-old actor Smit-McPhee performs brilliantly and proves that he’s capable of holding his own as the star of the film. The VFX makes it an illustrious-journey into the wild along with a ferocious yet tamed wolf and a young boy.

Perhaps there is nothing new about the story of the movie, but it works as an origin fable of how dogs became ‘best friends’ to humans. Albert does a marvellous job in narrating the tale of a young boy’s painful journey into adulthood while inculcating a sense of care and affection towards other species.

However, if you are under the impression that this movie will be perfect for your kids then perhaps you need to consider the facts again. Although the story is about the friendship of a young boy with a wolf but the actual screenplay of the movie is bloodier than your Bloody Mary.

The scenic beauty of the Ice Age is beautifully used in the movie for keeping the audience engaged and the story is worth the watch. Besides a strong performance by its lead actors including Kodi Smit and the beautiful Leonor Varela, the story and screenplay will take you back to your bed-time story days.

Talking about the final verdict, we will like to award this movie with 7 out of 10 stars due to its predictable story and a couple of lags which may bore you for a second or two while watching. Stay tuned for more movie-reviews of the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

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